Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort review

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Jan 20, 2017

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In addition, the resort’s fourteen 44-square-metre Ocean View Terrace rooms have been equipped with private jacuzzi on the vast 65-square-metre outdoor terrace. This room type is picture-perfect for couples and honeymooners on a true romance, with the terrace – however sometimes very hot daytime – equipped with sun-loungers and a shaded living and dining area.

The glass wall between the bathroom and the bedroom contributes to the romantic feel, enabling slight sea view even from within the bathtub, as well as watching the TV mounted opposite the bed, with a beige daybed table in dark timber and silver legs at its foot.

The Thai-accented rooms come with typical tropical wooden elements such as in the bedroom flooring (tropical wood while sandy tiles in the bath area) and built-in furniture, plus rattan desk and chair set. The bed is tilted slightly left facing the TV screen.

Room’s private plunge pool has a shallow and a deeper section, enabling to sit down in the water, sipping cocktails for instance. The plunge pool is however under sunlight so expect hot during daytime! And it gets much more cosy at twilight with the built-in lights in the stonewall enclosing the terrace, and that goes for the interior as well.

By the window overlooking the private terrace is another daybed/relaxation corner furnished with many pillows in peach, green and marine blue for comfort.

In essence the pleasant rooms are very much catering to relaxation and romance.   

Furthermore, ensuring that you book a room with Regent Club is worthwhile - for the indulgence and a guaranteed pleaser for your travel company, not least for its perfect sundowner cocktail setting. Here the cocktail evening session is perfectly timed with the sun setting over the ocean, often offering a spectacle of colours.

The club’s infinity pool is stunning, featuring on-water sandy, as well as curvy, mosaic-designed daybeds (reminiscent of Barcelona art) in front of a lap swim area. You place the cocktail or wine glass on the side of sculptured daybed in the pool between those sculptured daybeds.

Behind the pool, inside panorama windows Regent Club is furnished with comfy seating and filled with various types of glasses and on the two-level black marble counters, on which hors d'oeuvres are presented during cocktail hours time.

The vegetarian quiche becomes and instant favourite, along with other temptations such as Roasted duck with orange and beetroot salad, plates of cheese and Italian ham, Passion fruit panna cotta – all this going nicely with a well-chilled glass of white. It’s a moment to savour and that is enhanced by a really excellent playlist of individual music in the background!

The other sunset pool setting is much closer to the sea – the resort’s infinity pool (also offering a children’s pool and supervised play area) fed by soft breezes that sweep through.

This fifty-metre pool also has shallow sections at each end with a canopy giving shade partly over the pool and the terrace with dining seats. The sheer size of the pool makes it feel like the sea itself!

Adjacent to the mega pool are grass lawns and walkways with two lines of daybeds and blue parasols and further back there are rattan sofas and tables, surrounding the beach bar.

And for those who want to try the beach itself, directly in front of the resort there is now a 220-metre-long tidal jetty, allowing guests easy access to swim and dive the house reef.

What is mentioned last in this review is by no means insignificant; namely the wining and dining at Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort. Italian Head Chef – Executive Sous Chef Alessandro Marcinelli (at the time of this visit) at the helm ensures only positive surprises and no disappointments. The chef’s focus is on quality of ingredients, freshness and the correct procedure in how to cook.

If we start with the breakfast buffet, a morning visit to the gym or pool prior to having the first meal of the day is recommended because there so many irresistible things…

Experienced by writer the first time in Asia here were both tortilla and paella, which is a clear indication that the head chef has put a Mediterranean mark on the menus.

The breakfast spread, from the home made superb bircher muesli and mango smoothie to the many innovative salads (beetroot, coleslam etc.), the bread pudding and the tortilla is very much above the rest.

Many can testify to that the Danish pastries in hotels can be a bit dull.  Here they are top notch! This Danish is particularly fresh and well tasting with its combination of cream filling and a thin slice of banana.

Throughout the day at The Pool Bar (an all-day dining restaurant that serves a sumptuous selection of Thai and Italian comfort food) guests can order food, such as small dishes: Sweet Potato Fritters or Thai Omelette Crabmeat; salads including Shrimp salad with mango and orange basil dressing, and Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese and anchovy dressing; Fish dishes such as Salmon fillet with mango lime salsa and coriander, or Oven-roasted half chicken with lemon rosemary roasted potatoes; or pizzas and burgers. From the wine selection by glass: Kookaburra (Chardonnay) of New South Wales, Caldora Ortonese, Malvasia, Chardonnay or Kookaburra, Shiraz as well as Caldora Ortonese, Sangiovese, Merlot, Daunia IGT, Puglia, Italy.

Sunday means brunch time with the option of free flow alcoholic beverages and on this day a resident disc jockey also plays life throughout the afternoon in the open air The Pool Bar (at the time of this review The Sunset Grill, the resort’s signature restaurant overlooking the resort and offering stunning views of the sunset, was being refurbished).

And here are brunch highlights that get exclamations marks. Seafood paella!! Magic… and of course, again, the tortilla! Then a few rounds of Grilled Mackerel with garlic and turmeric, and the Salt crusted baked sea bass.

And salads are there not in this brunch spread! Bell pepper salad, Spicy Seafood salad, Roasted duck with orange and beetroot salad… they look and taste gorgeous, paired with well chilled white wine.

The seafood spread is a Thai five-star classic, where mussels and shrimp along with lime are paraded, standing on a bed of ice, and lemon and lime, sweet as well as sour, and spicy sauce bowls to go with it.

There is Smoked salmon fillet and Tuna fillet. And grilled meats with condiments such as Pineapple salsa, Tomato Salsa, or Baba Ganoush Hummus!

The sautéed vegetables are superbly spiced and tasty on their own: cauliflower, pumpkin, potato skewers… awesome!

In addition some live stations…

Then, when it is time for dessert the food must first sink in because here comes a rich selection of frankly quite irresistible cakes!

And for those with a passion for passion fruit – that ultimate tropical symbol – there is that panna cotta again. Magnificent how light and delicious that one feels and tastes!

So you will be left wondering: how soon can I return here!?


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