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Covering Thailand’s Travel, Tourism, Destinations Real Estate, Medical & Health Care, Hotels, Health & Beauty, Lifestyle, Trade, Financial Services, and Import/Export businesses, etc.


ProfessorThailand.com, launched in 2006, aims at becoming the essential, indispensable information centre and marketplace in Thailand!


If your business is in, or in any way connecting with Thailand; Net Professor (Thailand) welcome information, articles and other contributions, as well as partnership proposals. We offer opportunities for e-commerce, a number of advertising venues, affiliation and business partnerships.

Concept and content
Why the name Professor Thailand (PT)? Professors provide expert knowledge and this portal will have the task of offering expert and correct information about Thailand, the Thais, living here as an expatriate, working or holidaying in this country, any problems you may encounter in your life here, etc.


This functions as a service to which users can send questions about anything serious related to Thailand and get answers from our experienced experts or referrals to other sources of information. Users can request helpful information on an enormous number of subjects, and our experts will answer.


PT responds with qualitative answers and solutions. No matter what Thailand-related issues the visitors need to find out about, we will deliver comprehensive responses which satisfy their expectations.


This portal put a lot of emphasis around this concept, also aiming at keeping you up-to-date on all relevant issues and opportunities.

Our slogan is ‘Thailand Unlimited’ for we are dedicated to the goal of satisfying the needs of all our portal visitors. PT will become the one portal offering appropriate and quality info for all users of the English language Internet and visitors to, and residents of, Thailand.


It will be of vital interest to all who need information on Thailand. As you know, the need for information and specific services that inevitably follows is huge.


In this way, PT will be the most prolific source of information about Thailand. Our expert collaborators will in addition provide special services; anything from information on work permits and serviced apartments to business law and company start-ups.

We welcome business experts to join us as PT professors on our online help desk.


PT is initiated because there is a strong demand for this kind of portal and concept and we believe the future will offer great business opportunities via the Internet.


To sum up: relevant help, detailed information, news, in-depth reports and articles, links, listings, reviews and updates – these are all ingredients in this comprehensive portal. PT will keep the users up-to-date on all vital issues of concern.

Professor Thailand, Real Estate, Business, Entertainment, Travel, Life & Leisure and Health & Beauty

Marketing activities and venues
PT aims to:
- become the foremost English language online portal in Thailand – as an online opportunity that can be part of comprehensive packages of various media campaigns.
- offer various marketing solutions for specifically targeted campaigns and businesses.
- offer content for the mobile Internet.


List of our marketing opportunities:
- Advertorials
- Marketplace
- Partner promotions
- Sponsorships, links
- Sales of products and services
- Banners
- Listings
- Campaigns such as micro-sites, competitions, surveys
- Content sharing

Business opportunities
Our expert collaborators benefit from extra attention.


Within our Professor Thailand Partner promotions and Thailand Marketplace businesses can promote their brands and campaigns. Advertise with us
Within Highlights and Professor’s choice, PT will review and highlight various businesses. We certainly welcome the opportunity to review your services; preferably spas, resorts, hotels, restaurants or tours. Contact Professor Thailand’s team

Sponsorships of specific channels and categories are possible.

PT also offers to market your business with Advertorials.

Send content to Professor Thailand!
We welcome content such as your business description with any images, prices etc. available. And keep us updated with press releases and news on any of your marketing campaigns and special offers! We will include basic information for free in our forthcoming LISTINGS of hospitals, spas, hotels & resorts, international schools, universities with international programmes, fitness centres, law firms, real estate agents, business advisors etc.

Net Professor (Thailand) and its co-owner Vision House is building on its experience in managing eThailand.com over several years which gave us valuable knowledge about user needs and how to produce optimized portals that can succeed on the Internet. We have become experts and possess specific skills on all aspects of running businesses online. We are striving for no less than one hundred per cent user-friendliness and visitor conversion.


The point of departure in our business is that the Internet is becoming the hub for all marketing activities. PT will be optimized and attract successful traffic from the search engines.

In need of refreshing your web site/online presence?
Considering an online venture for your business (portal, Internet sales, advertising, marketing…)?
Possessing a web site but no one with knowledge and to maintain it?
Hoping your web site is properly produced, but not really sure?
Not receiving the expected traffic to your site and sales?


Apart from running Professor Thailand.com and offering IT services (we provide complete IT solutions to organisations and companies such as the United Nations, Scandinavian Airlines Systems, Tetra Pak and Brooke Real Estate), the dynamic Net Professor (Thailand) team also produces, hosts and maintains portals and websites for clients. We provide a user-friendly as well as cost-effective open source Internet portal solution as well as complete online services for your business, utilizing all our expert skills regarding search engine optimisation and marketing.


With this presentation we have hopefully given you a clear idea of professorthailand.com. PT hopes that you will contribute content and be one of our committed and dedicated business collaborators. If you can see the potential benefits, we would be happy to discuss this further with you and present our ideas in detail.


Yours sincerely,

Hakan Alm
Director, Net Professor (Thailand)



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