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Marketing activities and venues
PT aims to:
- become the foremost English language online portal in Thailand – as an online opportunity that can be part of comprehensive packages of various media campaigns.
- offer various marketing solutions for specifically targeted campaigns and businesses.
- offer content for the mobile Internet.


List of our marketing opportunities:
- Advertorials
- Marketplace
- Partner promotions
- Sponsorships, links
- Sales of products and services
- Banners
- Listings
- Campaigns such as micro-sites, competitions, surveys
- Content sharing


Target groups

All foreigners interested in Thailand regarding: investment, trade, travel, property, holiday homes, lifestyle, retreats, medical care etc.


Local Thai individuals and companies interested / active within all sectors covered by

Business opportunities
Our expert collaborators benefit from extra attention.


Within our Professor Thailand Partner promotions and Thailand Marketplace businesses can promote their brands and campaigns. Send your enquiry to Advertise with us


Thailand Marketplace sample:


Here you get a link, with a link text of your own choice directly to your website.


Banner Advertising


Banner within a story:


Top Banner:


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